Answering big questions: Beatrice Mintz, Donald Pinkel, Baruch Blumberg, Irwin Rose

Big questions. That’s what Beatrice Mintz, PhD, the former Jack Schultz Chair of Basic Science at Fox Chase Cancer Center, has dedicated her career to answering. Small questions aren’t worth the time or effort, she says. As a result of this philosophy – and through sheer power of personality – Mintz’s opus contains, according to Jonathan Chernoff, MD, Chief Scientific Officer at Fox Chase, the platforms of various fields, including developmental genetics, gene transfer technology, epigenetics and the microenvironment. of the tumor.

“Pioneering in an important field of science is remarkable. But more? Alien, ”he says. An elected member of the National Academy of Sciences since 1973, Mintz, now 97, has amassed scientific awards that are coveted, prestigious and rare. But accolades were never the point. The point, says Mintz, is “just to pursue a series of questions that I’m happy to answer.”

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