Beloved pediatrician ‘Dr. Vic’ Popeo dies at age 84

Beloved pediatrician Victor Richard “Dr. Vic ”Popeo passed away peacefully on Friday, surrounded by family. He was 84 and had a birthday just nine days away.

“Doctors are a gift, but pediatricians are a special gift,” his younger brother Bob Popeo, one of Boston’s top lawyers, told The Herald Wednesday.

Everyone loved him. People asked me if I was related to Dr. Vic. It was a constant chorus, ”said Bob Popeo. ‘When you help children, parents never forget you. He had a great reputation and following. “

Dr. Vic ”Popeo and his siblings have never forgotten where they came from. They used to meet regularly for dinner at Santarpio’s – pre-pandemic – with a group of old friends and talk about growing up in East Boston.

Memories of an Eastie before the Logan International Airport expansion were always a fond family memory of the Popeo, the family said in January when brother V. James “Jim” Popeo died at the age of 90.

Now Bob and sister Mary Popeo Greenburg are the only siblings left. Sisters Connie Wilson and Helen Gladney have also passed away.

Bob Popeo said it has been a “difficult year” for the family.

“I work full time,” he added from his position at the helm of the Mintz law firm. “What a void I would be if I didn’t.”

Bob Popeo has been the driving force for many who have asked him for help – names both big and small. But the loss of two brothers just months apart has made this year under the coronavirus pandemic even more “unpredictable”.

“Dr. Vic” was known for his practice at Walpole Pediatrics and as chief of pediatrics at Norwood Hospital. He was also associated with the children’s hospital and taught at Tufts University School of Medicine, serving as an instructor and assistant clinical professor of pediatrics. .

Vic was a competitive tennis player, an avid skier, runner and trumpet player. He also enjoyed golf, bowls and woodworking. He had genuine love and respect for animals, nature, wildlife, botany and all living things, ”said his family.

He died in Florida on Friday. He was the son of Italian immigrants who “never forgot his roots,” the family added.

He is survived by his wife, Annette Collins, a fellow Boston College graduate, three daughters and three grandchildren.

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