Celebrating One Year of Stories and Experiences in “Paw Prints”

Today it has been a year since our first Paw Prints article appeared! In celebration, we wanted to share the following oil painting created by Dr. Kristin Reese, a sophomore pediatric resident. As a fundraiser for Black History Month, this powerful image was placed on t-shirts and all proceeds went to the Citywide Youth Coalition (CWYC), a local community organization. The CWYC’s mission is to build youth power through education, leadership development and organizing anti-racist communities. Dr. Reese and Dr. Windy Grant, a sophomore pediatric resident, modeled their new shirts in the image below while they were at work at the new primary care clinic at 150 Sargent Drive in New Haven, CT.

In the past year we have experienced great losses, fear, loneliness, anger and injustice. However, we have also experienced great strength, hope, community, love and growth. As we look forward to our second year, we hope to continue sharing stories and experiences from the Yale Pediatrics community to show where we need to grow and where we thrive.

Submitted by Alexa Tomassi on April 20, 2021

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