Former Pediatric Oncologist To Graduate From Emory Law School

A former doctor turned law student says it’s been a great three years.

“I enjoyed school, but it’s fun to be done,” said former pediatric oncologist Suman Malempati.

The Emory University School of Law student, who is gearing up for graduation and has high hopes to become a civil rights attorney, was a guest at the edition of “Closer Look” on Wednesday.

He told presenter Rose Scott that he couldn’t remember a specific situation that led him to make a career switch, but his thoughts and ideas changed. And after five years of thinking, he decided to study law with dreams of tackling social justice issues after watching several unarmed black people die at the hands of police officers.

“All this social justice and the idea of ​​fighting inequality never left me, even when I was doing pediatric oncology and direct patient care,” Malempati said.

During the conversation, Malempati praised his family and professors for their support during law school.

“It’s exciting to be my age and be able to start from scratch, start a new career and have something to look forward to,” said Malempati.

Click on the audio player above to hear the full conversation.

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