GPH pediatrician talks efficacy of Pfizer vaccine among kids

NORTH FLAT, Neb. (BUTTON) – New protection against COVID-19 is possible for children as young as 12 years old as federal health officials expand eligibility for the Pfizer vaccine.

The West Central District health department started the week with 900 dorms of the Pfizer vaccine, the only vaccine approved for people under the age of 18.

Studies conducted by Pfizer show that the side effects of the vaccine are minimal in children, similar to those in adults.

Doctors said that if a large proportion of children under 18 are not vaccinated, it could cause more pandemic problems and help the virus mutate into different forms.

“Initially we thought the complications were limited to children with other underlying health problems, such as asthma, diabetes or immune system problems, but even healthy children can produce an inflammatory response and develop certain types of illness, such as pneumonia and other coexisting problems,” Dr. Soogandaren Naidoo, Pediatrician at Great Plains Health.

Doctors say vaccination is the only way to achieve herd immunity to COVID-19.

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