Pediatrician weighs in on Pfizer vaccine for young teens

She pointed to a study in which 1,100 children received the Pfizer vaccine and another 1,100 children received a placebo.

And in the study group, none of the children who received the Pfizer vaccine got COVID when they were exposed to it. And in the other group, 18 children got the virus when they were exposed to it, ”she said. “Even if 18 out of 1100 doesn’t sound like much, it’s important if one of those 18 kids is your kid.”

She said the vaccine could have similar side effects in children as it does in adults, such as pain in the arms and mild flu-like symptoms. Dr. Cvijanovich was not aware of the symptoms of the children who received the placebo and were exposed to the real virus.

“I know that the pediatric population is very often mild and sometimes asymptomatic. But again, the children with underlying health problems are more prone to serious illness, ”she explained.

She said that even if someone’s child is healthy, parents should think about other kids who may not be.

“I think it’s a way to protect our population as a whole,” she said.

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