Retailer raises more than £40m for Cancer Research UK

A major UK retailer has raised more than £ 40 million for Cancer Research UK as part of a 17-year partnership.

TK Maxx announced yesterday that it had hit the milestone with the largest cancer research and awareness charity in the UK.

In a statement, the retailer said the money raised would help more children and young people survive cancer with a good quality of life, and that £ 37 million had already supported research to help accelerate the development of better treatments.

Since the partnership began, TK Maxx said its customers and staff have helped collect more than 1.7 million bags of clothing, accessories and household items.

This equates to more than 8,800 tons of items donated to charity to be sold in stores.

The total raised after the 17-year partnership makes the retailer the largest business supporter of the Cancer Research UK for Children & Young People campaign, which raises money for projects including a pediatric brain tumor research center.

Launched in 2019, the center brings together expert researchers from around the world to develop treatments for children with brain tumors.

Caro Evans, Director of Partnerships at CRUK, said: “TK Maxx and Cancer Research UK have formed a brilliant partnership over the years and his colleagues and clients continue to amaze us with their tireless fundraising efforts, including the hugely successful Give Up Clothes For Good campaign. .

“These types of long-term partnerships allow us to continue to fund research to ensure that more children and young people with cancer can survive with a good quality of life. We really can’t thank TK Maxx enough for his continued support. ”

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