The Bachelorette’s Hannah B. Opens Up About Being A Childhood Cancer Survivor

At age 11, “The Bachelorette” Hannah Brown received an unexpected diagnosis after a trip to the doctor’s office due to constant abdominal pain. The author of “God Bless This Mess” writes that an MRI revealed a tumor on her pancreas that had been biopsied and determined to be malignant (via People). Brown was eventually diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and underwent surgery to remove the tumor.

A cancer diagnosis is always scary, but Brown found comfort in knowing the disease hadn’t spread beyond her pancreas. At the time, the fifth-grader was seemingly more concerned about potentially losing her hair and the side effects many people with cancer experience while undergoing chemotherapy.

“There was a chance that we would have to undergo radiation and chemotherapy, they said, depending on what the surgeon found once they had me in the operating room,” she wrote. “But miraculously I didn’t need either one.”

Fortunately, Brown’s brush with cancer had a happy ending—unlike her engagement to Jed Wyatt, who was actually dating before the show, according to Variety. However, she had to see a doctor more often than other children her age.

“I had to go to checkups a few times a year after that, but nothing else ever showed up on my scans or in my blood,” she writes (via Page Six).

Brown, like many celebrities who have battled and won their battle with cancer, such as Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 and Christina Applegate, remains cancer-free.

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