Wondergrade Offers Children’s Cancer Association Members Complimentary Lifetime Subscriptions to Its Kid-Friendly App for Early Emotional Learning

The activity-based app uses mindfulness activities, such as breathing skills and meditation, to calm and regulate everyday emotions.

PORTLAND, Oregon, Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Wondergrade, the app that helps kids manage their emotions, has partnered with the Children’s Cancer Association to offer all family members a free lifetime subscription. The activity-based app provides self-regulatory tools and mindful exercises for kids ages three to eight, helping them regulate big feelings, build resilience, practice empathy, and find their composure.

“We believe that the battle doesn’t end when the young patient leaves the hospital, so we want to extend this offering to ‘graduate’ families,” said Kristi Coppa, co-founder of Wondergrade. “With access to the app for life, children who are done with treatment may still have side effects from being poked and prodded and need help understanding what they are going through. For siblings, they may struggle with loneliness, isolation and confusion and younger siblings may not understand why the cancer patient is getting so much attention. This is where the app comes in handy and helps families deal with it as a whole.”

Wondergrade is backed by extensive scientific research and development. Kristi, a former nurse, and her husband, John, designed the easy-to-use app featuring a cheerful mascot, Yog. Young children are exposed to tools, skills and an environment that encourages them to grow and thrive in their emotional health. Yog helps kids put on their superhero hats, manage worries, and deal with grief and isolation.

The app contains animated and playful calming tools; easy-to-follow videos with attentive movements; short meditations for calming worries, building resilience and sleep; animated imaginative deep breathing exercises; and affirmations for positive self-talk and growth mindset.

Caregivers find the app an essential addition to their child’s emotional skills toolkit. Neurodiverse children with anxiety have found the app soothing and engaging.

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“The paid app subscriptions helped fund projects like this so we can continue to offer these tools for free to families struggling with teething problems and their siblings,” Kristi says.

The app is available in the App Store and Google Play. For more information, visit https://www.wondergrade.com.


About Wondergrade:
Wondergrade is the app that helps children calm down and regulate so they are equipped to handle life’s difficult moments and make future generations more compassionate and resilient.


Wondergrade aims to support parents and children in navigating big emotions and provides tools to help your child learn new skills. Although our activities are supported by research, we are not mental health professionals and cannot provide individualized recommendations or referrals. We cannot promise behavioral results of any kind. If you ever feel that you or your child may need additional mental health support, we strongly recommend that you contact your pediatrician for professional, individualized advice and next steps.

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